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How Acupuncture Started 

FIVE thousand or so years ago, there was a peasant on his way to work in a field in China. After working a few hours he realized that he had hurt his back lifting something incorrectly. You have to realize that this was many years before OSHA and those posters that go in your workplace to show you how to lift correctly, and of course, before workers compensation insurance. By the end of the day his back was killing him. After trudging halfway to his house and being barely able to lift his feet, he stopped at a huge, flat boulder and laid down on it. Curiously, this large rock had a small, pointy bump on it, and when the man laid on it the small point it pressed an acupoint on his back and the pain was relieved.  

The following week, one of his friends hurt his back and the first peasant told the other man what a great rock he had for fixing sore backs. The second man went to the rock, laid down on the pointy bump, and, he too was out of pain and on his way to recovery. By the end of the year the first man was so busy helping people with sore and injured backs that he no longer had time to work in the fields. 

People waited in line to use his magic boulder. After a while, he realized that while he could be very helpful with the boulder, making house calls posed a slight obstacle. He thought and thought, finally figuring that he could have a portable Acu-Rock that was palm sized and pointed. He treated thousands with the rock learning that different points on the body held different reactions. The rock evolved to a pointed stick and then to metal, when metal was discovered. Inserting the sharpened spike into the skin attained greater efficacy.

 Today the needle has evolved to the super thin, single use, sterile, stainless steel needle that we know today.

 There are many accounts of how acupuncture actually began, but this is the one that I chose.