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A Golf Experience Most of Us Have Had.



Letís face it, golf, despite all of its greatness, and how we can equate it to life, and blah, blah, blah; is still an athletic endeavor that can wreak havoc on our back, elbows and shoulders. 

Letís take a cool early spring /late winter day for example. You are getting cabin fever because of the rains, snow or just generally lousy weather for the past weeks or even months. Your golf buddy calls up and asks if you can sneak out of work early on Wednesday afternoon to go hit the links. 

Before you head out, you perhaps hit a few practice balls, supposedly to warm up, but more likely, to make sure you can still hit that stupid little white ball in some semblance of straight. Then, after swinging at thirty or forty balls you head to the first tee. It feels great! Itís the first time you have been on the golf course since that big winter storm. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, you chunk a shot out of the rough and you feel a slight twinge in your shoulder and low back. ďNo problem,Ē you think to yourself; just take a couple of aspirins and everything will be okay. The following week you go golfing and still have a little soreness, but what the heck, just work through it, and if it hurts too much, thereís always aspirin. Then you do the same thing the next week. Each week you debilitate yourself a little more. What you are doing is beginning a journey down the road to chronic pain and disease. You have done nothing to aid the healing process; you have only numbed out your body so that you wonít feel it when you re-injure yourself (not to mention corroding your stomach and digestive tract,) and then you irritate or increase your level of injury and pain. The longer you wait, the longer and more difficult it becomes to correct.

Acupuncture has been dealing successfully with body aches and pains for more than 5000 years. It is minimally invasive and non-polluting. We use super-fine, single use, stainless steel needles that are generally painless. This has been proven to be highly effective for pain reduction and as an aid to speed the healing process by both the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  

So, before you start medicating yourself with drugs (many of which carry severe side effects,) give Haines Acupuncture a try.