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Non-Surgical Face Lift 

People are always amazed to find out that as old as Chinese Medicine may be, we perform such seemingly modern procedures as face lifts. The fact is that even in ancient times, looking good was as much a part of the culture as it is today; and you can bet that the Emperor and Empress were always at their best, thanks in part to Acupuncture.  

Acupuncture Face Lifts are a painless, extremely relaxing non-polluting method of facial rejuvenation. The main advantages to utilizing Acupuncture as opposed to other means is that 1) you are not injecting one of the most toxic poisons known to man into your face, 2) you are not undergoing major surgery and worrying about the risks of general anesthetic, and 3) it actually contributes to your overall health and well being.   

As a matter of fact, the risks with Acupuncture are negligible, and the rewards are typically great.