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Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy 

Are you or is someone you know undergoing some form of chemotherapy? Does the routine sound something like this: chemo on Wednesday, afterwards, go to bed, Thursday, crawl to the restroom to get sick, crawl back to bed, repeat four or five times over the next couple of days; then after the nausea has gone away, people are so fatigued that the next days are lost to sleep or bed rest in order to recuperate. Then the week repeats, over and over.  

This article is not intended to tell of the horrors of chemotherapy, but to discuss how to add maximum function to the life of chemotherapy patients. What if they could go to chemo on Monday, then go to the acupuncturist’s one or two times during the week and not experience the down time and misery that was described in the first paragraph? The National Institute of Health has stated that acupuncture has often substantially reduced or eliminated the nausea and malaise associated with chemotherapy.